About No Job Lab

Published: Monday, 17 February 2014

this is bochumNo Job Lab is the Azofra's contribution for This is Not Detroit project, an international Art Festival organized by Schauspielhaus in Bochum (Germany) seeking answers for the future of the city by connecting it with European Opel cities: Zaragoza (Spain), Ellesmere Port / Liverpool (England) and Gliwice (Poland).

No Job Lab in an action-research that starts from the question: How to access a decent standard of living after a salary-based society? Through focus groups and interviews, we are trying to detect the population welfare needs and desires in a European context.

The end of a productive system where a lifetime salary is guaranteed for most workers also means the end of the extended system of social rights in the 21st century. Moreover major changes are anticipated. The technological innovation, through its lobbies, ensures that in a few years we will see new machines performing many tasks automatically that are currently performed by workers.

Far from emulating Luddism from the first industrial revolution, our approach is to take the research as an opportunity to rethink a welfare model that remains outdated anyway. On one hand this system has been based on; 1) an international hierarchy of colonies and empires 2) an underdeveloped periphery 3) a national hierarchy of racism and sexism and 4) a strict family hierarchy rooted in the subjugation of women. On the other hand Europe is losing geopolitical and financial power whilst increasing in emerging regions. Moreover, inequalities inside Europe continue to rise, both among European countries and within them. All these are central factors that we are certainly taking into account in this research.

Based on a not-ethnocentric focus, we are trying to learn about how other regions (mainly Latin America and Africa) make life and social organization worthwhile beyond the salary-based system.